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The King Campaign

Join The Lifted Lifestyle on September 7, 2019 as we honor and build the Kings that define our future!

An Awards Ceremony Designed Focusing On Young African-American Male Entrepreneurs 

The King Campaign is just that, an awards ceremony honoring African-American men who are an inspiration in their industry while building a platform for the next generation of African-American men to follow their dreams in the pursuit of entrepreneurship.  All vendors for this event will be African American boys 18 years old and under.

Leaving The Path To Entrepreneurship Less Broken Than When We Found It

Fueling the passion of these young men with the end result allowing them to have a business that they operate that is a total reflection of themselves.

Partnerships Built On Purpose

Partners for the 2019 King Campaign all have an element of their organization dedicated to the leadership and development of the African American community.

The King Campaign Begins

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The King Campaign

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