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Welcome to The Lifted Lifestyle Podcast

This is a call to action to live above limitations!

Hosted by the C.E.O. Latasha Bailey and the C.O.O. Chazz Bailey


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Insight on The Lifted Lifestyle Podcast

Why A Podcast?

The Lifted Lifestyle Podcast provides us an opportunity to give empowerment on the go.  We understand that our lives are busier than ever, and through our podcast we hope to add an empowering message through our subject matter to help you seize the day!

Subject Matter

Our subject matter reflects the mission and vision of The Lifted Lifestyle by providing both personal and professional development topics on an alternating basis, which allows our listeners to utilize The Lifted Lifestyle as a resource in crafting their best life!


The Lifted Lifestyle Podcast is available within all podcast mediums and subscribers can expect a new episode bi-weekly.  The Lifted Lifestyle Podcast video recordings are also available on YouTube, giving you the opportunity to view us as we present our subject matter.

Our Mission

We look to leave you with something more than you had before you listened to the podcast.  We Aspire to Inspire, Uplift, Motivate, and Empower you on your journey throughout life.  It is our goal to facilitate resources that can provide you with the tools needed to live your best life!

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