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Speakers Training

Taking your stage presence, audience engagement & public speaking to a higher level!

The Lifted Lifestyle’s Speakers Training

What is The Lifted Lifestyle’s Speaker Training?

The Lifted Lifestyle’s Speakers Training is a unique offering that increases confidence and abilities when presenting information to any audience.  Speaking is an attribute that does not only add to your profitability, but creates buy-in at all levels to help lead in the direction of your choosing.

The science backed training one receives through The Lifted Lifestyle’s Speaker’s Training translates directly to conferences, keynotes, TED Talks, Boardrooms, Media and Television and more.  This training allows you to not only live beyond limitations, but speak without limitations!

Dynamic Speaking

Take your audience exactly where you want them to be with clarity and efficiency

Audience Engagement

Gain the unique skill to attract and maintain the focus of your audience

Vocal Training

Science based training that allows the amplification of your voice which allows you to dominate the stage

Stage Presence

Own the stage through professional training of body language and energy

Featured Packages

Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

Build the confidence needed to engage listeners through the quality of the message, enhance the ability to connect with others, reinforce verbal and non-verbal skills, voice coaching, and driving key points to become visible

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Confidence coaching that allows stage fright to be a thing of the past. Along with confidence training we provide voice coaching to help you captivate your audience based on your subject matter. 

Entrepreneur Presentation Training

Entrepreneur Presentation Training

Captivate your audience through engaging subject matter with the use of proven techniques based on communication science research. Deliver your next presentation with confidence and comfort by being yourself and inspiring others.

Speakers Training Program

Speakers Training Program

Whether an experienced speaker or not, this training program will take you from seat to stage.  Preparing you for any and every speaking engagement from team presentations to TED Talks.

Lets Elevate and Speak Beyond Limitations!