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Personal Development

Living Lifted begins from within!

Personal Development Coaching

Why Personal Development Coaching?
The purpose of personal development coaching is to improve self-awareness, build confidence, unleash latent potential, increase earning power, enhance one’s quality of life, improve one’s ability to effectively communicate, determine one’s primary life purpose, and facilitate the achievement of goals and aspirations that will leave behind a remarkable personal legacy. 


Increase internal focus for self optimization

Unlock Potential

Utilize your full skill set without compromise

Effective Communication

Speak with clarity verbally and non-verbally

Increased Earning Power

Boost personal monetary opportunities

Areas of Focus

Designed to elevate you to a higher level

Confidence Building

Amplifying your true self despite the environment

Goal Setting

Planning and achieving of S.M.A.R.T. milestones 

Clear Vision

Creating clarity from within in all you do

Purpose Finding

Personal pursuit of happiness through your life’s desires

Self Worth

Determining your value that cannot be depreciated

Personal Legacy

Be an inspiration that allows others to follow your example

Featured Packages

Purpose Planning

Purpose Planning

Uncover your hidden skills, gifts, and talents that can be used to serve the world



Plan of action that places yourself first. Refuel yourself by getting back to the basics of your happiness



Build the confidence needed to engage listeners through the quality of the message, enhance the ability to connect with others, reinforce verbal and non-verbal skills

Relationship Readiness

Relationship Readiness

Position yourself for relationship status through key barrier removal, relationship confidence building, and self-awareness 

Goal Setting / Vision Planning

Goal Setting / Vision Planning

Remove the barriers that prevent you from identifying the goals en-route to living your best life. Find your true self, find your tribe, create the internal push needed for personal success, and create milestones that elevate you to living your desired expectations.

Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

Find yourself and the circle of influence that allows you to remain accountable while living your best life.  Build a general community of love, support, motivation, and inspiration

Lets Elevate and Live Lifted!