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About Us

We Aspire to Inspire, Uplift, Motivate & Empower!

Who we are

The Lifted Lifestyle® is a training and development company focused on communication, personal, and professional development coaching.  Our goal is to help you communicate effectively, achieve your goals at a higher level, and live beyond internal and external limitations.

Latasha Bailey

CEO: Chief Empowerment Officer

Chazz Bailey

COO: Creator of Opportunities

Our Services

We provide a wide array of Professional and Personal Development services designed to take you to a higher level. Let us help you Live Lifted!

Professional Development

Seeking career growth, change, executive leadership skills, or becoming an excellent entrepreneur this path is for you!

Life Coaching

Building the life you desire from within is the focus of this path.

Speakers Training

Looking to command a stage, lead a team, or just be able to get your point across that will yield both understanding and results, this path is for you!

Group Coaching Workshops

Our specialized in-house team designs specialized group coaching sessions based on the needs of your team/organization.


How We Work



At The Lifted Lifestyle you are not just confined to one coach, you will have access to all coaches on staff providing a diverse coaching experience, while accessing the unique expertise each coach has in their respective field.



We do not lead you to your destination by telling you what you should do.  We seek to collaborate with your goals and dreams to walk with you on your journey to success, where you are the leader of all our interactions!



As a company we are driven by results!  The results of our clients allows us both to be successful. We are 100% behind you and your goals, and 100% dedicated to reaching those goals with you.

Let’s talk about your goals and begin Living Lifted!